Why Himalayan Salt Lamps are so popular? – Salt Lamp Bulbs in UK

I didn't know Salt Lamp Bulbs were a thing...

Himalayan salt can be used for more than just food. It has many other functions. Now to be completely honest, I did not know this until a few months ago when I was searching online for crystal style lamps. From since primary school, I was always interested in crystals, and came across crystals lamps online. Then I saw Himalayan rock salt lamps. 

Although it contains the Himalayas in its name, this pink salt is still found in Pakistan.  The minerals that settle in this salt give it a pink color that ranges from a subtle hue to a variety of colorful pink colors.

In a nutritional way, this salt is similar to our homemade table salt, but the difference is that it has larger amounts of larger minerals such as magnesium.

Most people choose this salt because of its fun pink color, which is sometimes a good reason to buy it.

Anyway, back to the topic, ‘Why Himalayan Salt Lamps are so popular?’

Well basically, because of the ‘healing’ factors behind Himalayan salt. The UK in the last couple of decades has been embracing the concept of wellness and health in nearly all aspects of life. Those who are more financially able having been spending more money on more luxury health items for their home. 

This wellness product is made of pink salt crystals. This salt is used in everything, but is not best known as  ̋salt therapy in your spa̋.

Himalayan salt lamps have gained popularity in the past few years and you can most often see them in spas and home decoration magazines. They are widely available for purchase for home use. Himalayan salt lamps are an attractive addition to any room in your home. In Addition to aesthetics, some people claim that these lamps can remove chemical pollutants from the air, because salt has a net positive ionic charge and attracts water molecules from the environment.

I found a list of several assumptions for the benefits of these Himalayan rock salt lamps:

1. Purifying the air

There is no hard evidence. Improved air quality in your home or office.

People who use these lamps say that these salty carps remove dust, pollen and other pollutants.  When you turn on your lamp, these pollutants stay and do not fly in the air for you to inhale.  Then the lamp is heated by the bulb, water vapor is released into the air, but the carp salt will keep the harmful molecules. But there is no scientific evidence for this.

2. Useful for people with asthma, allergies and respiratory problems

There is no concrete evidence. This claim is based on the practice of improving chronic respiratory problems – halotherapy.

A study where halotherapy was used (click here for the study) showed that the inflammatory effects of these patients were reduced.  However, no study provides support to demonstrate the efficacy of halotherapy.

With the purification of the air from the Himalayan lamp, some effects may be observed in some of these diseases: hay fever, asthma and other respiratory complications, air purification, odor reduction, removal of soot, Seasonal depression disorder, some versions of depression,Chronic fatigue, Strengthening immunity, improvement on sleep. Migraine pain relief.

3. improving mood and gives more energy.

A study done in 2013 suggested that the effects of ionization in the air can affect your sense of well-being, anxiety and depression, 58 % stated this 58 percent of respondents stated this.(Click here for the study). Some claim to help rejuvenate your body and mind.

4. Better sleep

These lamps can create a better atmosphere for sleeping, with its pink shade making the ambience more subtle and more relaxing.

Several studies have examined these effects, but testing for this theory should be done first.

5. Reduce the effect of electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic radiation from our phones, computers and televisions that emit huge amounts of positive ions. It threatens our health and the quality of our lives.

And if you have a Himalayan salt lamp as mentioned earlier, it converts positive ions into negative ones, this process helps our well-being.

6. Improves skin

There is evidence that salt is very useful for people who have eczema or psoriasis. There is a study from 2005  (click here for the study),  which indicates that bathing in saline solution is really effective for people with problematic skin.

How to find a place for Himalayan salt lamps and make them look optimistic

The main purpose of these lamps is to attract light into your home which will beautify the atmosphere and give a feeling of comfort and calm. Many people buy them just because of their appearance because they have a very attractive design. They come in many shapes and colors to suit every style of your home interior. But you still can’t put them in any part of the home, and expect them to give freshness and beauty, not that way. You will choose the areas where you spend the most time, bedroom, living room, office, even then you can will feel their effect.

Feel free to place it in: In the office,they are a computer monitor,In a massage and meditation area, In “smoking areas, In the children’s bedroom, Anywhere you want the air quality to be improved or preserved anywhere, Anywhere you want to create a peaceful and relaxing environment anywhere.

Where not to put Himalayan salt lamps

Here are a few locations where you should not place these lamps for inconvenience or your safety:

  • Near the water- like any other electric lamp near water, this one can be dangerous, so be careful
  • Places with high humidity– such a place can cause the salt to melt in the crystals. it has a somewhat similar effect as when you leave a lamp on top of a TV or other device that heats up.
  • Near children or pets- it often happens that they are restless and break it, so be careful

A small recommendation, be careful who you buy these lamps from, because many manufacturers do not use salt crystals that come from the Himalayas. Be careful not to buy a fake lamp.

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