Why are bankers desk lamps green?

If you are looking at the green lamp on the table of a banker, you might be wondering why these lamps are always green? Yes, it is quite a common trend and a color that you will see on the various tables of bankers. There are different colors too, but green is the most popular.

Today, the same lamp is also used in homes and study tables of the students.

Now, you are more curious about the specialty of the lamp color. So, let’s take you through the reasons that make the green lamp a special lamp desk for many people in different positions.

The color green is universally believed to be the color for soothing the eyes. People working all day have to go through the files, documents and pages, they are stressing on their eyes the whole day. Therefore, the lamp was used to give a little relief for the eyes while they are surfing through the notes and registers.

Bankers are people who go through so many numbers in a given day. They need to levitate as much stress as possible on their eyes to avoid any detrimental mistakes.

History of the Green Banker’s Lamp

This is not a coincidence, but there is a profound history behind this choice of lamp. As per the history, the patent of the green lamps and design was signed in 1909. The glass shades were designed in the city of Rasputin. J. Schreiber & Neffen are the manufacturers of it. They produced glass items for others too. However, the green glass was specially designed for the H.G. McFaddin & Co.

The contract stated that no one else could buy these green lamps and Mcfaddin was the only tone ordering a certain number of lamps. They manufactured these lamps 50 years ago.

There is no doubt that these lamps are certainly unique and elegant in their design. The base is made of brass and glass is used for the layers of the shade. Usually, the look will be as white on the inside and green on the outside.

Initially, the base was designed simple, but with the second and third production, they started changing and made it a little more decorative. With the increasing popularity of these lamps, they made it through all the years. Later, the same lamps were designed as floor lamps and other purposes as per the market demand and needs.

Why they Selected Green as a Color?

Green is universally believed to be the color for soothing the eyes. Since people working all day have to go through the files and pages, they are stressing on their eyes the whole day. Therefore, the lamp was used to give a little relief for the eyes while they are surfing through the notes and registers.

Another thing that most people might have noticed is that the lamps on the banker’s desk are without sharp corners. So, the green glass or you can say that overall a lamp hold s the value of giving protection.

Moreover, at that time, there were intense yellow bulbs in fashion. Those lights were damaging for the eyes as they were giving so much strain for it. It was specially designed for the people on positions like telegraphers, copy editors, and accountants. It was said that these lamps were the reason for improving the productivity of the people.

Gradually, these lamps became an essential part of the banker’s desk through marketing and other tactics.

Initially, the lamp was distributed among executives and bank employees. This is the reason that these lamps are now known as banker’s lamp, and you can still find them on a few old desks of older people.

This is the legacy followed by some people as they carry the family name with them on their jobs too.

What is the Physiology behind this Color?

The basic concept of the choice of color is pretty good as it is about the protection of eyes. However, in the depths of physiology, green color is a spectrum close to blue.

Blue is the color of calmness and mood booster. Therefore, it can be believed that the green color is about the same. They selected the same color only to ensure the mood-boosting employees and to make them pay more attention.

Moreover, as a psychological effect, the green light is perceived as safe. On the other hand, black is known as the color of grief and the red color of love.

So, it is believed that the green color boosts the mood, enhances the attention span, and south the soul and mind. However, the interesting information to remember over here is that the impact of the color changes between the people. It may differ because of the difference in age or gender. So, if you are curious, you may need to dig a little deeper into it.

Is it true that the banker’s lamp is designed to green for the same reason?

It is a really good question to ask. However, to be precise, it is nowhere to be found that the banker’s lamp was designed to green for the same reason. But there is no doubt that this lampshade is saving your eyes to be strained from the other light bulbs. The psychological point of view also says that a lamp can keep you awake. But there is no scientific proof of all these claims. So, maybe we cannot say anything for sure.

The main point is that these lamps are still in trend after all these years. So, if you believe or even don’t believe in these claims, the lamp with the green shade and unique look can still look great on your table. So, why not?

How are these Green Lamps Manufactured?

The lamps are also known as Emeralite lamps. These lamps have gone through many changes. There were no holes on the lampshade, and by the time they also changed the base of the lamp.

After M McFaddin retired in the 1930s. Another former employee named Charles Inness Brown took his place, and the name of the company was changed to Emeralite Company Inc. In his period, these lamps were changed and developed into many new and latest designs.

Mainly, the size was changed and 10 inches and 12-inch lamps instead of 8 1/2 inch height. Additionally, he introduced metal shades and different colors. However, he died, and the company was further sold and closed in 1962.

So, if anyone is still looking for these antique lamps, you might find them from the people carrying them from their ancestors. People who love these vintage lamps can add them for a complimentary value to their homes.

Lamps today

Today we are living in a different era. We have LED lights now, claimed to be safer than those huge yellow bulbs. However, lamps are still popular among the people. The ones who are forever in love with the vintage are still holding to the legacy of this lamp.

Also, some people emulate movies, so they like to collect the same things as they are shown in movies. If you are one of them, you might be looking for a similar lamp too. Originals are rarely found as they are either with the families and you can only get them if they are willing to pass on. Otherwise, you may have to fulfill your wish through the replicas.

Today, many companies are making similar lamps – possibly with better quality than before. But antiques are the choice of collectors. Most people love to collect; they must look for the originals around the vintage stores. Still, you have to be careful as you may get a replica in the name of the original. So, watch out for the scammers.

Do you want to buy the Banker’s, Green Lamp?

It can be a good choice for your desk. They are still in fashion and choosing the antique piece for your kids can be a smart choice too. Either way, the styles and designs like these never go old-fashioned.

So, choosing the one for your study desk can only enhance the beauty of it. So, start looking for the collectors, or if you are fine with replicas, you can still find them quite fascinating in every way.

There are manufacturers with a good reputation providing you with the best quality banker’s lamp. You can go for them too and be fashionable in your own unique way.  

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The trend of the banker’s lamp may be out of fashion in the banks as they don’t have these accessories now. However, some kids, adults and vintage collectors or crazy readers still love these types of lamps. So, it is good to be different in the world of all the LED lights. Well, you can use an LED bulb for your green lamp. The shade can still be calming and soothing for your mind. If you are someone looking for your personal collection on the side of your desk, we recommend you a banker’s lamp. Find you and get it now!!

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