What lamps work with smart bulbs?

Smart Bulbs are one of the most famous inventions of the new era. If someone is looking forward to upgrading his lifestyle, then one should begin with the installation of smart bulbs. These bulbs stand out from regular bulbs because of their features such as they can be multicolored, controlled via Bluetooth, and turned on and off with just a single touch from any device such as a mobile or a watch.

If we talk about lamps, most lamps are equipped with traditional light bulbs; hence they can be easily replaced with smart bulbs. Following is the list of lamps that you may consider for the installation of Smart bulbs. 

  • COOLWEST bedside lamp (check on Amazon here)
  • Aooshine bedside lamp (check on Amazon here)
  • Seealle bedside nightstand lamp (check on Amazon here)
  • Teckin bedside lamp 
  • Honsel pibe 93911 (check on Amazon here)

Smart bulbs are one of the coolest inventions known to humankind. These bulbs, just like regular bulbs, can be installed within any light bulb fixture. They have the same designs as traditional bulbs. These bulbs are equipped with Edison caps or bayonet caps and, in some cases, both. So, if your residence was built over a decade ago or you just moved into a newly constructed, you can install smart bulbs wherever you want.

As mentioned, smart bulbs can be fitted into any traditional lamp, but the lamps mentioned above are ideal. They make your workspace or room lighting totally irresistible for you. If you’re thinking of taking a good night’s sleep, you might want to dim the lights and make them warmer to sleep peacefully, or if you’re thinking of doing some late night work, then you can brighten the bulb as much as you like.

Finally, if you’re thinking of giving your room a unique look, then you can opt for smart bulbs with fancy colors. The colors of the light of the bulb can be changed with just your mobile phone.




What is a smart bulb?

So, if you’re wondering what makes a smart bulb stand out from a traditional bulb, then here’s the answer to your question.

Smart bulbs are modern era light fixtures that can be controlled with nothing more than a tap of a finger. You must be wondering a simple tap on the switch turns on a traditional bulb as well, then what makes this bulb so different?

Well, unlike ordinary bulbs, smart bulbs come with distinguishable features such as the ability to increase or decrease the brightness or even change the color of the lighting. That’s not all; you can even control these bulbs with a remote or with your mobile phone. These bulbs are also compatible with virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and google home.

If you think you forgot to turn off the lights, all you need to do is to tell your virtual assistant to do the job for you. If it’s a cold winter night and you’re in your cozy, comfy bed and don’t want to go out and turn off the bulbs, use the remote or call your virtual assistant to turn it off for you.

With the right devices, such as an apple watch, you can even turn on the lights or schedule them when they need to be turned on or off. It’s a smart way of living. These smart bulbs promote the ease of your lifestyle to a whole new level.

These smart bulbs communicate with your mobile devices through Bluetooth 5.0 or wifi. Some bulbs are also compatible with technologies such as Z-wave or ZigBee.

Why buy a smart bulb?

At first, smart bulbs might seem a gadget for lazy people, but in fact, it’s one of the most life-changing devices in the world. It does reduce the effort that a person turns off or turns on a bulb by sitting on his sofa or by lying in bed. But that’s not all; these smart bulbs have a lot more to offer.

These bulbs are under your will from any part of the world until and unless you have an internet connection, either your mobile data or your wifi. These features can help you deter burglars or thieves from breaking into your house as they might think everyone is awake; however, you’re on holiday in a different state enjoying and having the time of your life.

If you think the light is too bright for a traditional bulb, there’s nothing you can do about it except getting rid of it and getting yourself a new one with less power and brightness.

In contrast to them, smart bulbs provide a variety of brightness depending upon your surroundings and activity. You can control the brightness of the smart bulb using a remote or a mobile device.

If you want to buy a single bulb rather than six bulbs of different colors, then smart bulbs are a great choice. These bulbs are equipped with the ability to change color the way you want. All you need is one of the modern bulbs, particularly the Philips Hue bulb, that can change the color just the way you like it.

Best Smart Bulb Brands

The following are the best smart bulb brands that might consider purchasing smart bulbs.

Avatar Controls

Avatar controls is one of the best smart bulb selling brands in the UK. Their bulbs do not require any external hub to connect to; instead, all you need is a 2.4 GHz wifi and a ‘Smart Life’ application. Their bulbs can provide lighting for up to 50000 hours and a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin.

The bulbs sold under this brand are compatible with Alexa; you need to make commands such as “turn on the lights” or “Dim the lights,” and these bulbs will work accordingly. If you wish to create your very own favorite light ambiance, then you can choose from up to 16 million options. You can gain access to different settings in order to adjust the lights to the very right occasion.

Additionally, you have the ability to schedule the lights as well, you can wake to any light you want early in the morning, or you can set up the bulb to turn off gradually at night by dimming to make sure you sleep comfortably and unaware if any of the lights are left on. Their bulbs range from as low as £11.89 to as high as £24.99.


BYSMAH is also one of the top sellers of smart bulbs in the UK. Their bulbs range from as low as £10.88 to as high as £19.88. These bulbs last much longer than most of the bulbs. They last up to 80000 hours, which translates to 57.3 years if they are used at the rate of 3 hours per day.

If you wish to use these bulbs, you might need the smart life application for these as well. These bulbs are also compatible with Alexa, Siri, and google assistant. You can change colors and choose from 16 million different options. The color rendering index for these bulbs is 80.

Multiple groups can be made to control multiple bulbs at the same time. They can be scheduled to turn on anytime you want. Global control will be there for these bulbs. As long as you have 2.4 GHz wifi you can control them from any part of the world.


Philips was the first company that started the production of smart bulbs back in 2012. Their smart bulbs were the newest example of technology within the era. They sell three different types of bulbs, which go by the name

  • Philips Hue (Buy on Amazon here)
  • Philips Hue ambiance (Buy on Amazon here
  • Philips Hue Color Ambiance (Buy on Amazon here)

The hue version was first introduced, which could only dim the light. Later, temperature control was introduced in Philips Hue ambiance bulbs. The light could be made warmer or cooler, according to the user.

Finally came the Philips Hue color ambiance; this bulb not only could warm or cold the light temperature but also could change colors according to the occasion. These bulbs are also supported by virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa.

How much does a smart lighting system cost?

If you think that a smart lighting system won’t cost you much, then you’re mistaken. If you are thinking of promoting your life and bring everything under your control with a single tap, then you might need to spend a few extra pounds. Smart bulbs are not that cheap either; however, their price is reducing as the more familiar they are becoming.

On average, a regular smart bulb equipped with color ambiance costs around £20, however much expensive bulbs are also available out there. If your home has around 20 lighting fittings, then you might need 20 bulbs, which would cost you around £400. If you don’t have any virtual assistant with you at home, then you might consider buying one too.

The Amazon Echo costs around £90 (3rd generation). Click here for the latest price on Amazon.

But if you’re thinking of pairing it with Apple’s HomeKit, then that will cost you a lot more than this. Click here to check out the accessories involved in Apple’s Home Kit.

But on the bright side, you might need to spend these £400 just once because these bulbs work for longer periods of time as compared to traditional electric bulbs. And let’s not forget you also require a 2.4 GHz wifi connection as well to ensure this smart lighting system to run successfully.

How to test a smart bulb?

A smart bulb is tested using a number of steps to ensure that the right bulb is delivered to the customer. The brightness of these smart bulbs is put to the test. They are lit for the first time, and their brightness is measured, and once it’s estimated, these bulbs are kept on for about 100 hours. Their brightness is measured again and is compared with the one value. If it’s the same, then it’s tested again, but this time the number of hours is made 1000 instead of 100. After 1000 hours, the brightness is measured again; if the value is the same as the first one, then that smart bulb is considered great and can be delivered or bought by any consumer.

Manufactures of the bulbs also claim that their bulbs give a particular color of light when they are used. If the bulb fails to match the color claimed by the manufacturers of the bulb, then again, the bulb is awarded a low score.

Smart apps are also tested, and it’s made sure that they are made as simple as possible. Unnecessary steps complexity must be avoided in these apps. If all of this is not avoided, then the application is granted a lower score.

Finally, the security of smart bulbs is put to the test. If these bulbs are not secure enough, hackers can easily break into your home network and cause unpleasant interference. Smart bulbs are made sure that they encrypt your personal data and are protected via password; if not, then your personal information is at stake.

How Smart Bulbs Fit in a smart home?

To make your home a smart home, you first need to upgrade the lighting. To do so, the first thing you require is smart bulbs and a few accessories, which include cloud-connected switches and plugs.

Smart Bulbs

The main component of smart homes is the smart bulb. They come in various shapes, sizes, and configurations. These bulbs can replace any ordinary light bulb from any electrical outlet such as a restroom light, kitchen light, or a nightstand lamp.

Different bulbs communicate quite differently. Some smart bulbs use an external hub to work effectively. This hub provides a route that helps connect the bulbs with the internet router. Once they are connected, you can gain access to their signals in the form of wifi signals and gain control over them and use them the way you want.

Some bulbs directly transmit wifi or Bluetooth signals and can directly connect to your mobile devices. Hence, you can use them the way you want.

The third category of bulbs includes those who have the ability to communicate with virtual assistants as well, such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri via HomeKit.

Smart Switches

If you don’t wish to replace every bulb in your house, then a smart plug is a good option for you. If there’s a switch at your place that controls a bunch of bulbs in a hallway, instead of replacing each bulb with a smart bulb, you may consider replacing the regular switch with a smart switch.

These switches are also known as dimmers. You can use smart switches to dim the light according to your needs. Even if you own traditional bulbs at your place, smart switches can help you attain the dimming feature for the bulbs. Additionally, a smart switch is pretty attractive to eyes and far more inexpensive than smart bulbs itself.

Smart Plugs

If you want your traditional bulb to communicate with your hub or application directly, then consider pairing it with a smart plug. These help you gain control of your bulb through voice-over commands or through a single tap on your mobile phone.

These plugs are also equipped with some extraordinary features such as monitoring of power on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. There’s also an away mode in these plugs as they randomly turn on the lights and turn them off in order to deter the burglars.

Using Alexa with your smart lighting at home

Alexa is an AI virtual assistant that is capable of recognizing various commands and act accordingly. This AI was developed by Amazon. Alexa is also capable of home automation. It can follow multiple orders such as “increase or decrease the brightness, turn on or off the lights or set the color to red, etc.” These commands make Alexa an excellent choice for your very own smart home. It is also necessary that bulbs are compatible with Alexa because all of the products do not work with it.

Any extra special fittings?

For some smart bulbs, a “Smart Hub” is required. This hub enables the wireless communication of the smart bulb with your mobile phone or tablet, or even your watch. Most of the smart lighting systems require this. All you need to do is plug this hub with a spare port present on your wireless router.

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