What are tiffany style lamps made of

If you are an avid collector for some dazzling and mesmerizing décor items at home, Tiffany lamps might be another one lying at the side of your table. There is no doubt that the uniqueness and style of these lamps are known. It’s been years to the legacy, but people still look for these original lamps.

We all know they are handcrafted lamps competing in the market with unique colors and glasswork. Some common materials used are stained glass and bronze metals.

So, the lamps people have admired for over 100 years should also know about the manufacturing process of it. Let’s check the remarkable history of the Tiffany lamps and the way they are designed.

There is a design stage, then manufacturing of it and then there is the final phase where different styles are decided. Now, the pattern is more organized and followed by the process. The ones that were made in a studio had an extra charm, and there was no machinery used. Every glass cut and the color was purely handmade.

You may also find some of the suppliers even today offering the master replica claiming to design these lamps with hands. But that requires a lot of research and information before you buy from them a classic piece of art. Now, they have proper documentation of the process, so you can always ensure that you are getting the right one.

Brief history: What attracted Louis Tiffany to design these lamps?

The major factor of attraction for Louis was the rustic nature of the ancient glass. It is the kind of quality that might be unacceptable for today’s manufacturers of lamps. Each piece was set to the marvelous style and tone of the glass to decorate your house. Tiffany was known as a profound decorator as it has the most uniqueness to offer and has a quite good range of clients from elites to the street decorators.

However, you will find a lot of difference in the lamps made today and the ones made back in the days of Tiffany studio.

Somehow, they have managed the quality that is market demand.

Yet, we will talk about the overall manufacturing of the lamps. Are you ready to explore the aesthetics you have been using for the décor of your home?

What are Tiffany lamps made of?

First of all, just know that there are various types of tiffany lamps. There are floor lamps, accent lamps, and table lamps too. So, it also depends on the lamp you are choosing from a tiffany.

Each art piece is designed by making a shade, as they use plastic today, but back then, it was purely bronze. The glasses are designed especially using many different colors to create the shade of a unique style.

Some of the main terms that made the tiffany style lamp collectively are:

·         Stained Glass lamps

The glass is the main entity for designing the tiffany style lamps. Even today, these lamps are made with a hand as the glass is not possible to be made with the machinery. So, the stained glass lamps you see at your house are the ones made by hand. You can find many people on YouTube with a visual explanation of the way these glasses are designed. Each piece is taken and colored, and then copper foil is used to cover the corners and then glued together. This is a long and a process that requires too much focus.

Stained glass is the main requirement for creating a tiffany lamp. Then, it includes some cuttings of glass to shape the shade. It has some special techniques of molding, and if you want an exact shape, you will need a lot of practice to perform it well.

·         Bronze Stand

The stand is designed for bronze or ones that are designed today are usually made of plastic. Moreover, it is made of lead or copper foil. The inherited design includes a bronze stand and the one with plastic is the ones made now to match the quality. If you have one at home, you also check if it is original or not. The bronze was the demand of the market at that time when Tiffany started making these lamps. These days, you might get the replica of the exact style, but with lead or woodwork or plastic. They still look appealing to the eyes.

·         Motif inspired by Flora and Fauna

To add aesthetics, the motifs are inspired by flora and fauna. The pieces remind of the way it has been designed by paying a lot of attention. Some designs also have daisies and dragonflies serving as famous muses. So, it is another style that makes tiffany lamps stand out.

·         Shaped like Trees

Then there are motifs in the design that are inspired by flora and fauna. Mostly, you can resemble these pieces with nature. If you have seen the designs, most are shaped like trees. Also, the glasses are in irregular shapes, and that is what makes them more attractive.

How are the Tiffany lamps designed today?

If you are looking for the original item, you will need to find out someone who has the authentic piece of it. Either they have inherited, or they will provide you with a complete proof with all the stamps to ensure that they are providing an original price of art and craft to you. Now, for that, you might need a guide from experts to identify authenticity.

However, if you are only looking for the lamps that are designed now, you will need to check the style. Otherwise, you must find them in museums, auction houses. On the other hand, you might also see some woodwork in the same style as Tiffany lamps too. So, today, you can find a lot of variety and buy them if you are more into aesthetics.

Do you need to check the suppliers?

Yes, these lamps are not designed without the proper instructions. You need to check out for all the minor details from the supplier. Check out if they are using mold and pattern then what kind of glass designs they are using to shape the shade.

It has to be the most beautiful glass or at least, and they need to assure you that they are designing the glass using their techniques. So, spending some extra penny on the fine glass won’t hurt as these are rare styles and you may be admiring them after many years.

So, do not forget the pattern and process if you are purchasing the tiffany style lamps from new suppliers. Cross-check everything, and then you can have it at your home and spread the precise light in your room by lighting up the aesthetic piece of the lamp.

Bottom Line

The design and style are, no doubt, the most amazing when it comes to tiffany lamps. Most people prefer the ones with the original stamp. They will never look too fresh, but they are worth collecting stylish pieces of art. Moreover, if you are looking for a similar style replica, you need to watch out for the suppliers and ask about their process. If they are similarly designing the lamp, it is worth trying as they may look amazing at the side table or in the corner of a room.

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