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Lamp on the Table - Table Lamps and desk lighting

Lamp on the Table is a guide for lighting inspiration for your home. Having the best form of light always changes the ambiance of your environment, creating sense of peace or comfort or homeliness. Our guide just gives you ideas and tips for different kinds of lamps.We particularly love table lamps. 

Using lamps has always been the most effective way to alter the lighting in any room without knocking down walls to create larger windows. Or fitting glass roofing to let more natural light in. 


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My name is Marlon, and I have worked as an educator for 11 years and as a graphic and web designer for around 15 years. I love everything about the internet and what information is has to offer.

I decided to share my new found love for interior decor when it came to decorating my own place. I like functional decor, so I wanted something with a purpose. So I thought… lighting!

Weird fact alert: I wish was fluent in Spanish

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