How to shop for a Moroccan lamp or a Moroccan lantern

Being a person who is quite particular about gifts, it is always a hard search to find something worth impressing. However, my recent visit to my partner’s family relatives. Since the first step of meeting your partner’s family is impressing them and I am quite particular about the gifts.

The ones that can be used and don’t just sit on the side looking pretty. Since I love writing about lamps, I thought this would be a good opportunity to look and research into Moroccan style lamps and lanterns. 

To search for a Moroccan lamp, you must go to a traditional home store, not a typical high street home store. There a few  are distinctive characteristics that are not considered as modern. One being a distinctive star shape. Also there are a range of types other than lamps, such as hanging lamps or chandeliers. Most of the Moroccan lights have been made from multi color embossed glass. 

When searching for Moroccan lamps, I found out many important things about its design and history including why people still love Moroccan style lamps. One thing I have noticed is they all give out a nice warm light, giving lovely warm ambient lighting in your room. 

Moroccan lamps can come in  different styles, such as:

  • Pendant Lights
  • Wall Sconces
  • Ceiling Lights
  • Lanterns
  • Chandeliers
  • Lamps

Let us look more into what to look for when searching for a Morocaan lamp… 

Now I have always liked the look of Moroccan lights and lanterns but never thought of purchasing one, since my home is more plain, simple, and modern, with very little character. 

Whilst researching Moroccan lamps, I felt a force to dig more into it because of the attractive pull they have in their style.

If you are one of the enthusiasts like me, this information can be both informative and fun for you.

What do you need to know about Moroccan Lamps?

They are not just mesmerizing in their outlook, but amazing for the overall value they add in the decoration of your home. If you are a traveler, this can be the best souvenir you will ever give to someone. Moreover, it can be a reminder of your visit to the country of profound culture and values.

The beauty of Morocco lies in the connection it develops with everyone. So, I had one chance to build my connection with the family of my partner and what else can be a better choice to gift than a Moroccan lantern.

Now, before you lost into the mesmeric beauty of lamps, let’s start with more information about the lamps. Check out for yourself for the kind of beauty they can be for you.

Exotic History of the Moroccan Lamps – A colorful delight

The roots of the Moroccan lamps begin from the Moorish culture. It represents the diversity of the Moroccan culture and the style they adapted from Arabs, French, and many other blended cultures in Morocco.

Morocco being the country with different cultural inputs has impacts on almost every modern culture too. It is so finely blended that people around the globe feel a sort of connection with the traditional feel of it.

So, your home may be a simple and classy modern, when you will light up the Moroccan lamp in your room by the side table, it will give you a great vibe in a room.


Style and elements keeping the culture of Moroccan Lanterns alive

The native people of Morocco are known as Berbers. These are the originals of Morocco and have been a part of this exotic land for almost 4,000 years. The basic design and culture were Islamic back then until the nomadic tribes made their entry.

The interior of the country started evolving with their existence and more bright colors were added to the decorations.

So, the touch of the different cultures is the most important thing that makes these lamps and lanterns unique and appealing to the eyes. Yet, they still fit perfectly in your modern styled room.

Bold and stylish touch add up to the Moroccan Culture

If you think that you are witnessing the boldest era right now. You might be wrong as bringing these stained glass lamps designs in Morocco in ancient times was the boldest move while people have a firm believer in their Islamic culture.

They had their way of crafting these lamps, but adding up to the style and colors was a lot for them. So, it was time to rebuild and redesign the culture of the country by changing the interior of it.

The more creativity added up and now it is popular all over the world, still making the bold statement.

The perfect fit in the modern interior

While I was in Morocco, I had a learned whole guide to bargain and buy things from the local vendors on my demands. Everything brings a delightful treat to your eyes and resisting them can be difficult.

And lamps play a vital role in it. So, the style, the design and everything brings you to the most unforgettable gift you can purchase for anyone.

If you are also looking for the one, the designing and styling of these Moroccan lamps can be an amazing piece of information for you.

Let’s begin with the types of the Moroccan lights that can be a shining decoration piece in your home…

Types of Moroccan lamps and  Lights

If you have ever visited the streets of Morocco, you can find plenty of the types of Moroccan lights and a huge variety of designs that make it even more special. However, the most common types of lights in a Moroccan style are provided in the following forms:

  • Pendant Lights
  • Wall Sconces
  • Ceiling Lights
  • Lanterns
  • Chandeliers
  • Lamps

These are vibrant types of lights but in a Moroccan style. Usually, these lights are for a living room offering you a sultry mood. They come in multiple shapes, sizes, and designs and with customized options for different rooms.

Anyone who has a vibrant taste in the lights, it can never be a better choice than in Moroccan designs.

Moreover, an ethnic lifestyle is never quite out of our modern world. We still love the traditional and handmade touch in the décor of our houses.

So, wall sconces for Chandeliers made in a traditional style by the antique Moroccan manufactures can be your chance to get the best of it. They are usually crafted in the factory of Casablanca and distributed worldwide.

Designing of the Moroccan Lantern

The substantial designs are for the prominent value and bring more than just a light in a room or a garden. Moroccan lanterns can be used for the table or the gardens and additionally, the hanging lamps can work as a mystical charm in your room.

Adding more to it, the candle lantern add up to the romantic vibe in your room.

According to the historical facts, there are two main colors used for their design and that is blue and amber. Yes, you can get different shades now, but you will always find these two in it.

Also, the combination of these two along with orange, green, red, and yellow make it look like a decoration piece from the times of Mughal ruling.

And if you go into ancient times, they had a belief in designing these lamps like they are now. Here are a little fun and interesting fact about it.

Fun fact about the design of the lamps

Morocco has a long Islamic history and traditions are still followed there. So, the lamps were made of the goat’s skin stretched over an iron/brass frame and hand-painted with henna dyes. And it was believed as the wisdom from God.

Artisans were careful for the design as they didn’t want to disobey God anyway. So, the patterns and finishes of these lamps were crafted with care and a specific pattern was followed. Every pattern had a deeper meaning.

Now, these patterns have no less value, but they are also used in modern houses as part of traditional culture. It has an exotic impact on the vibe of the house and used for wedding decors too.

It is the different cultures included in the design that makes it a unique and perfect choice for your home décor or restaurant ambiance.

How can the Moroccan lanterns change the ambiance of a place?

The reason to impress your partner’s family is enough for purchasing the Moroccan lamps. However, my love and curiosity for the lamps didn’t let me stick to it only. So, I had to know the way these traditional Moroccan lamps can change the ambiance of any place.

I visited some of the shops in Morocco and they had a very calm feel with a relaxing vibe. My guess is that it was the effect of the lighting.

The ceiling pendant light with a Moroccan style is a quite noticeable change in my room.

Add the romantic vibe in a room

The lighting of your room plays an important role in the romantic evening with your partner. The design gives you the shade you want in your room. The feel of the space is certainly romantic and you can enjoy the whole evening living the best moments of your life.

You will be able to feel warm, light in the glowing shade of beauty from Morocco. So, while you are searching for the lamps, look for the colors and designs that will boost your mood for good.

Fits with the room design

The rooms’ style and décor have changed for now. And we know that modern designs are preferred more classy and stylish. But these beauties from Morocco can fit into your little modern room too. When I was searching for it as a gift, I had all the places in mind where I can use them to be a part of the decoration for my place.

A side table in a study room, the ceiling of the living room, garden, and any other places to give a reflective effect with a peaceful touch.

Can be a perfect lighting option for a garden

Garden is the most favorite place in my home and I mostly found their writing or reading around. So, Moroccan lamps had a great deal with the garden too. The wall sconces worked as both a garden light and decoration.

If you ever happen to be in the Japanese styled studios or gardens, it gives you the same relaxing ambiance in your own garden too. So, yes the Moroccan lamps can be magical and bring a lot of magical energy to you.

For me, it works like a creativity booster too and I can be a writing champ for that time because of the aromatic and rustic surroundings.

A huge variety to suit the theme of your place

The best part of the Moroccan lamps is a huge variety. If you find one that doesn’t suit your taste, you can always get another one. The sizes, colors, patterns, and even the designs are in a large variety.

It can diffuse the light through the colored glasses and perforated frames – giving you the perfect environment.

So, with all the hopes and perfect lighting choices at my home, I ended up buying a gift and a perfect art and light piece for my home too. You know the impressing game went a little far when the ambiance of my place offered the family vibe to my partner’s family.

After all, relationships are to build a stronger connection. And these ones with great start seem unbreakable and durable just like the Moroccan lanterns.

My final thought on Moroccan Lamps

Life is supposed to be exciting, thrilling, and vibrant. A person like me with the personality of both traditional and modern culture has always been a huge believer in deeper connection.

So, if I have to buy a gift for someone, I have to make a connection with them through that gift.  And it turns out that meeting a Moroccan family with the traditional Moroccan light gift was the best thing to do.

As I say, there is no harm in adding more lights in your life and definitely no problem in having an amazing family by the side. Both can fill your life with pure happiness and joy to make you celebrate every moment of life as you like it.

So, go wild with your choices and let the light lead your way!!

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