How to replace your bankers lamp shade

Have you tipped over your banker’s lamp? It is quite common that the shade of the banker’s lamp needs replacement. It is possible as they are old and fragile. So, breaking it could be just as normal. However, you need to replace it as soon as possible if you need it at the side of your table.

What? Are you thinking that replacing the shade of the banker’s lamp will be difficult? You just need to follow a few steps, and this guide will be your complete help in it.

Important notice

The guide is not only for the old or antique lamps, but rather for the new ones or modern lamps, so please keep this in mind. If you have a new lamp from the latest manufacturers, the guide will help you with its shade replacement too. Still, you might find some of the directions inapplicable for a specific design, so watch out before you begin with the process.

What you need

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What do you need to know before you start?

Remember that there are many new versions of the lamps being sold in the market. So, you might feel that the lamp design you have is different, and the guidelines don’t suit it well. Still, if you will look closely, you can find out the way to change the shade of it. There are some minor changes in new lamps; otherwise, everything is quite similar.

Design of the green banker’s lampshade

This lampshade is different from modern lamps. It is a shiny green shade made of glass with two or more glass layers. The two common layers have the name as outer one is known as green glass and inner has been named as white opal glass. These are classic lamps, but the people still prefer them on their tables.

What do you need to look at in a lamp for replacement?

However, the one thing that you will find in almost every banker’s lamp is: set screw.

This is to be found in most lamps on the back end of the socket. You can check out the place where the bulb is placed. If your lamp has it, the job is easy as the screw is easy to detach. Otherwise, it is attached with the glue, and you may need professional help for it.

Now, you have to be careful as the latest designs may have a screw lookalike fittings. So, check before you try to pull it off. If it is firm, you may not be able to DIY for the replacement of the lampshade.

Also, you may want to buy a new lamp instead of spending money on repairing this one because its repairing will cost you the same as a new one.

Types of the banker’s lampshade fittings

Other than the set screw, you must know about the different types of shades fittings as well. It will help you understand the design and type of lamp. So, you can be careful about the replacement of it.

  • Spider fittings
  • Uno fittings
  • Clip-on fittings

These are some of the commonly known fitting used in modern designs of all types of lamps and not only for banker’s lamps. However, once you know the types of fitting for your lamp, you can follow the method easily and replace the shade without any hassle.

Step by Step guidance on replacing the Banker’s lampshade

Now, you have located the sect screw. So, we will be moving forward to the steps for replacing the banker’s lampshade. It is a simple process and only requires a few tools to open it up and change the shade.

Things you need

Before you begin with the process, you need to be fully set with all the required tools. Gather the basic tools you need. Here are some of the tools you will need to open up the lampshade and replace it carefully.

1) Buy a new glass shade

It is obvious, but do you know how to find the right one? Yes, many manufacturers and sellers are claiming to offer the top-quality. But how do you know that the one you are purchasing is top-quality? So, the following are some of the points you need to consider according to your lamp.

  • Diameter
  • Height
  • Position
  • Proportion

All of the above factors are according to the type of lamp you own. So, consider these factors for the correct dimensions. You can also measure your previous lampshade to buy a new one with accurate measures.

2) Get a screwdriver

We often fix various things at our home by ourselves. So, a screwdriver is a tool that almost everyone has at their home. In case you have lost it or damaged the polder one, you can buy a new one. There are different sizes in it too. However, it is not quite tough to find, as you can also borrow from a family member or a friend.

3) Get some rubber grommets

If you check out the broken glass shade of your lamp, you will find these rubber grommets on it. You can detach them to use it for the new shade, or you can buy it from the same manufacturer selling the shade. They usually have spare rubbers. Or you may also find them at any nearby hardware store. Remember that rubber grommets are for the support of the shade, so they are important, and you cannot just ignore them.

4) Needle-nose plier

This tool will help you in removing and reattaching the socket with much more care. Plus, it is making the job easier for you. You can borrow it from a friend. You don’t have to spend any penny on it for a small task.

So, hopefully, you have gathered all the important tools you need for replacement. Let’s now start the steps for the replacement of the shade.

The process of replacing a bankers lamp shade:

1.      Remove the socket

We have been talking about the tools to remove the shade. So, here in this step, we are going to use them. You need to loosen the set screw to open the socket and reach the inner wiring. Now, you must know the right connections of the wiring to detach them back when you are done.

2.      Remove the shade

The next step is to remove the shade.

  • Open the side of the shade
  • Remove the nut
  • The shade is loose by now, and you can remove it carefully as you don’t want to break the glass

3.      Attach grommets

Remember the rubber grommets you detached from the previous shade? You need to attach them to the new shade.

  • Introduce your shade to the stand
  • Align the hole of the opposite side
  • Set the shade in the correct position
  • Fasten the nuts from both sides

Just be careful while doing it as you have to avoid any possible or other damages such as breaking or cracking the glass.

4.      Reattach the socket

We are hoping that you have made this far successfully. So, now it is time to reattach the socket. You have the picture of the socket, and you also remember the wiring and its connections. So, now there are only a few things to keep in mind:

  • Reattach the most inner part of the socket shell to the base
  • Wait before you fasten the screw set or tighten it up.
  • Attach the inner-piece to the wires. Before doing it, use the little twisting technique at the end for hooking them around the screw.
  • You need to attach the black/red wire to the gold/brass screw and the white wire to the silver. You can use a needle nose pier to hold the wire and fasten the screw and tighten it up.
  • Finally, you will reattach the outermost piece of the socket.

The process is easy and less time taking. However, you must be careful before fastening up all the screws.

Hire a professional

If you think that you may screw up the process, you can always contact the professional for the replacement of the lampshade. Just remember that you need to find out the one who comes in handy in doing these types of jobs. A professional will also help you identify the type and design of the lamp you have – making the replacement easier than ever.

Watch videos on YouTube

People like us also have a little fun way to reach out more like us. So, we like to upload our little achievements on the internet. Therefore, today it is easy to find a solution for most problems. The replacement of the shade is also easy if you can watch out the videos over the internet.

They can guide you step by step and show you the way to replace it. Otherwise, you already have an amazing guide with all the tools, and other requirements explained thoroughly.

Final thoughts

We understand if you have old school choices in lamps. You don’t have to feel embarrassed. Also, these lamps are still designed and in demand by many people. So, having the one on your side table is kind of amazing. However, the replacement can be needed after some time or if you accidentally trip off your lamp. The broken shade of the lamp makes it useless, and we don’t need it. Just follow the steps mentioned above, and you are good to go.

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