How to choose the right table lamp

The importance of light at home

Lighting is a necessary thing for every home. It is one of the key elements, because it is a substitute for daylight. Remember for yourself how many times you entered a room that was too bright that it was not pleasant to stay in it. Or another situation where you tried to read in a room where there was not enough light. Which caused headaches, eye pain and a feeling of tiredness.

It is best for you to choose the position of each lamp, wall lighting, as well as the size of the chandelier with special care. Because, in addition to functionality, these are details that can determine the impression of the entire ambiance. 

Choosing a table lamp comes down to these 3 simple factors:

  • Size
  • Cost
  • Style

Light affects the mood

Light is the source of life. It gives us all the energy we need to perform our daily duties. Without light, life ceases. If we lack light and vibrant colors, it will lead us to languor and grumpiness. Well, it is not surprising that many people say that houses that do not have enough lighting are gloomy and depressing. Because, they make us feel that way.

When it is normal at night that we cannot have daylight, if you install the lighting correctly, it will be a perfect replacement, and at the same time you will not spoil the impression of the space.

In most cases, the choice of lighting depends on your style, there are special rules that must be followed to make your home a pleasant place for you. For example, we do not recommend strong central lighting in the living room. Not only will you feel like you are on stage, but it creates an atmosphere in which you will not be able to relax. Instead of one large chandelier with strong brightness, experts advise to place several light sources at different heights. You achieve such an effect by combining chandeliers, table and floor lamps.


Lamp on the Table - Table Lamps and desk lighting

After the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home increased dramatically. Some people, like me turned their home, or a part of their home into a working environment. The idea of working from home has always appealed to most people, me included, but you never really think about the kind of environment your home has and if it compliments as a working environment as well as a place of relaxation and comfort. 

This is where lighting comes into play. Did you know good ‘office’ lighting can increase productivity by 16%. Now let’s jut imagine we are turning part of our homes in to an ‘office’ environment. These statistics are relating to actually working in an external office, but I do not see why they can’t be adapted to home-working. Good ‘office’ lighting can increase job satisfaction up by 24%. That’s crazy. 

Now if you had bad lighting in your home office environment, then that could cause eye strain, drowsiness and even headaches. 

In a recent study by Phillips. Lighting has also been said to decrease depression as well as improve one’s energy, mood, alertness, and productivity.

When considering lighting keep in mind that it should give you the peace you need. For all of us, the bedroom is a place for relaxation, where we recharge our batteries for a new day. Well, it is normal that good lighting is necessary for a good night’s sleep. Each bedroom should have main and auxiliary lighting. In addition to the lamps on your bedside tables, you can pay a little attention to your closet. And be sure to place light sources on this piece of furniture.

Chart showing types of light comparison

Of course, you need to consider the actual light bulb when it comes to determining the best type of light for your environment. This chart is based on information I found comparing the 4 different sources of light in a home. As you can see I have included candle light, as some people would of course consider this as an alternative source of light to lamps. 

As you can see, LED performs the best compared. Giving it 80% when it comes to measuring efficiency.  

Light as the best kind of home decor

Every lighting element protects the space. If you want to create glamor, use the power of indirect lighting. Unlike the direct one, which is intended for a certain function, this lighting is exclusively of a decorative character. It consists of wall and floor lighting, as well as LED panels and strips.

Thanks to indirect light, the accent is most striking on attractive parts of the room or objects. While, on the other hand, those who think they are less interesting remain in the shadows. If you own some works of art, bookshelves or some precious antiques with such lighting you will highlight them.

USB Bedside Table Lamp, wooden base cordless table lamp

First of all, you need to pay attention to the position of the current and the plug. Lighting is best planned when renovating a space or designing design documentation for a building or hook, because it is best to determine the exact amount of light needed for each location in the space. The biggest problem is when you move into a ready-made apartment or house where there are not enough connections, properly installed.

It is necessary to look carefully in space and determine which parts or rooms have access to natural sunlight, and which zones darken. In the daily areas, i.e. the living room, the kitchen, the dining room and the studio need a little brighter light, which makes it possible to perform activities related to the mentioned rooms, but also dim the lights in moments of relaxation in the living room or, say, during dinner. Therefore, it is good to plan switches for different types of lamps, which can be visible in the form of hanging chandeliers, pendants of interesting shapes or hidden, recessed lamps.

Unlike daytime, night zones require dimmed, soft lights, where it is best to place a dimmed switch, with the intensity from the strongest to the lowest light. Ceiling light bulbs are used in such areas, in the form of lampshades or recessed lamps in suspended ceilings.


In the bathrooms, we recommend that you have direct lighting with a higher intensity needed for make-up, shaving and the like, and other general ones that get a little weak when you use showers, dishwashers or toilets. For protection against water, in the baths you should choose lighting marked IP, mostly LED-type. 

As you may have noticed, LED lights are being recommended in every aspect of the home. That is because there are so many benefits to using LED bulbs as opposed to traditional fluorescent bulbs. 

In workplaces, it is necessary to use lighting with higher intensity, which will also not tire your eyes when reading or writing, but our recommendation is to insert an alternative, dimmed lamp, when working with a computer or simply to rest. As for the hallway, high voltage lighting should not be used. If children or elderly people live in the house, in such spaces it is better to use weaker dimmed lamps in the lower parts of the wallids or lamps that can be plugged into sockets, because it makes it easier for them to go to the bathroom or kitchen in the middle of the night.

Types of lighting for the home

Bedside table lamps

If you want to relax in the evening with a good book, for fun to play games on your phone or to spend the day with your partner, paralyzed lighting in bed can make a big difference. we recommend that your choice of lamp be more than beautiful – that it has both appropriate and specific shape and functionality for your purposes. Here you will find a wider range of styles, from the simplest designs that offer soft ambient lighting to bright customizable lighting options. From contemporary to industrial to rustic, there is something for every style.

1. Square bedside USB charging table lamp

Bedside Table Lamp

2 USB with fast charging port

Grey and Fancy TableDesk Lamp

I came across this on Amazon. A bedside Table Lamp with 2 USB with fast charging port. It screams 21st century lol.

If you are looking for grey lamps with a table next to the beds that are wandering from the ordinary ones, then this is perfect for you. This design made of 100% solid wood will make an interesting choice.

Next, I came across this weird looking one. A white fluffy bedside table lamp. 

Simple, yet cute, these modern bedside table lamps will make a great household gift for someone who enjoys wonderful designs. Apparently made from 100 % feather.

2. white fluffy feather desk lamp

Key Features:

  • Brand BerryChips
  • Item Weight 907 g
  • Product Dimensions 16 x 16 x 27 cm

Next, a handmade glass lamp Tiffany. These lamps is a great option for those who tend to wake up late, as well as for those who simply do not want to have contact with circuit breakers.

These convenient lamps are included with a simple fountain, but that’s not all – you can choose from different colors to set the mood, or allow a cycle of lamps among the whole wine. Touch the base for the cycle between three brightness settings to find the one that is easiest on the eyes at any time of the day or night.

3. Scultured tiffany desk lamp

Key Features:

  • Style Tiffany
  • Material Glass
  • Copper

This one, a moon Night Light Lamp with Stand Touch Control. This seemed it was more for younger people or adults who are obssessed with space and sci-fi. 

Perfect crib lamp in the moonlight: With an intertwined surface that mimics the craters and valleys of the moon, these modern bed lamps offer a suitable motif for those relaxing hours of sleep. Consider choosing one of these as a gift for anyone who collects a decorated space with a themed space.

Are you looking for lighting in an industrial yet modern style to match your contemporary interior in a bedroom or decorated home? This piece will serve as a perfect fit! It is made of lean metal tubes.

5. Innoteck desk lamp

Innoteck DS-1282 Bedside Lamp with very Durable Architecht Lamp, Metal, Black

6. Spiral LED table lamp

Dimmable LED Table Lamp

  • Remote control
  • Dimmable
  • LED
  • Energy Saving

I’m not gonna lie, I really like this design. I think it is very creative and innovative. This is a really a very decorative light table for light in the bedroom. Very customizable though almost 14 inches tall, they look great. The spiral shape of the lamp illuminates the table in several shades. Also, at a very affordable cost. 

7. Vintage Industrial Steel pipe Table Lamp

Vintage Industrial Table Lamp Rustic Steel Water Pipe Style

  • Industrial Solid Cast Iron Table Lamp With Rustic Finish, 3-Pin UK Plug
  • High Quality Simply Stunning And Unique
  • Ideal For The Edison Style Fillament Bulbs To Showcase Their Beauty And Warmth

There is nothing nicer than natural isn’t it? these lamps provide daylight where the true color of our face, hair and make-up is best represented, so this is the quality you want to enjoy.

8. Square mirror glitter table lamp

Silver chrome table lamp 

  • Mirror Glitter Table Lamp
  • This sparkling table lamp will add glitz and glamour to any home.
  • Immediately brightens up a room.

This table lamp raises boho chic to a whole new level. The lamp has a sophisticated design with a combination of natural and glam finishing. . The lamp is elegant and casual, which makes it perfect for the living room. This will not disturb other parts of the decoration in the room, but when the time comes, this lamp will surely shine.

Add a little stone charm to your room with this lamp. It is ideal for adding a little rustic look with a dark gray shade of cotton. Perfect for the living room

8. Melody Maison Rustic Grey Table Lamp

Melody Maison Grey Stone Round Table Lamp 

Gorgeously rustic, this will add a vintage feel whilst adding a soft glow.

9. LED dimmable table lamp

Dimmable LED Table Lamp 

  • Elegant design 
  • 25 Light Modes with 5 different brightness levels 
  • Benefit from an energy-efficient LED panel that reflects the light sideways to minimize glare and eyestrain
  • A Memory Function You Won’t Forget Choose one of the 25 possible combinations 
  • Built-in USB Port 
10. Modern metallic monkey table lamp

Modern Metallic Gold Painted Monkey Design Table Lamp 

  • Unique Monkey Holding Light Bulb Design Table Lamp in a Metallic Gold Polyresin Finish.
  • In-Line On/Off Switch

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