Himalayan Salt Helps Give Better Sleep!

Having trouble sleeping like me at times? Whether it’s insomnia or simply wake up tired after a restless night, lack of sleep can be a serious issue that can negatively impact your health. Did you know Himalayan salt can help?

Himalayan Salt contains many minerals, including magnesium, which helps you relax. These same minerals will calm you down and help you sleep better and for longer.

Lack of sleep can make us feel exhausted, sluggish and low in energy. It can make us struggle to stay focused during the day, and even weaken our immune system. Sleepless nights become a vicious cycle that impact our overall wellness, productivity levels at work, and even the ability to be truly present during time spent with family and friends.

With all this being said, there are some great natural remedies that can help to improve your sleeping patterns. One of our favourites? Himalayan salt, and Himalayan salt lamps.

How to use Himalayan salt for better sleep

You may already be familiar with Himalayan rock salt, commonly used in cooking and spa treatments. Himalayan salt is widely seen as the purest salt on earth, packed with over 84+ trace minerals including potassium, calcium and magnesium.

What you might not know is that Himalayan salt can also be used to promote better sleep. Try these natural remedies to help you combat insomnia or sleeping issues:

  • Take a salt soak before bed. Are your sleeping problems caused by stress, anxiety and an overactive mind? Soaking in Himalayan salt is an amazing way to relieve stress, calm the mind and achieve deep relaxation. Himalayan salt also contains minerals such as Magnesium that your body needs to begin its sleep cycle. Simple add ½ cup of Himalayan salt to a warm bath before bed, and soak for up to 30 minutes. You can shop our pre-made salt soaks here!
  • Take a spoonful of Himalayan salt and honey. You can create your very own natural sleep aid simply by mixing organic honey with Himalayan salt, using a ratio of 5 parts honey to 1 part Himalayan salt. Taking a spoonful of this concoction before bed is thought to induce a deep, restful sleep due to the rich minerals found in Himalayan salt.

How to use Himalayan salt lamps for better sleep

A Himalayan salt lamp is essentially a large chiselled block of Himalayan salt. They have a hollowed out interior and hold a light bulb that heats the lamp from the inside out. 

Himalayan salt lamps are slightly translucent and orangey-pink in colour, due to the large volume of trace minerals found within. They are widely used in homes and workspaces across the world – but did you know Himalayan salt lamps are also thought to improve your sleeping patterns? Here’s how:

Himalayan salt lamps generate negative ions

Have you ever struggled to “switch off” at night after staring at a screen for hours? One reason that many of us struggle with sleep and insomnia is due to our high exposure to positive ions. Positive ions are generated by electrical equipment such as mobile phones, computers and televisions – objects we use constantly in our everyday lives. 

Being exposed to an excessive amount of positive ions can contribute to symptoms of anxiety, tension, irritability and low energy. It’s no wonder we struggle to maintain a consistent sleeping pattern when our bodies are experiencing these emotions!

Himalayan salt lamps have the opposite effect, as they produce negative ions. Negative ions are often generated by natural energy sources in our environment. For example, from waves crashing at the ocean, or at the bottom of a waterfall. Because Himalayan salt lamps generate negative ions, they are known to help neutralise the impact of positive ions. This can help to reduce symptoms like anxiety or irritability that may be preventing a good night’s sleep.

Himalayan salt lamps naturally purify the air

Do you suffer from irritating allergy symptoms due to pollutants in the air? 

Himalayan salt lamps are naturally hygroscopic, which means they absorb moisture from their surroundings. This means that as the lamp absorbs water particles from the air, they also absorb any dust, contaminants or pollutants.

As the salt lamp is heated, it releases clear water vapour back into the air, while the pollutants remain trapped inside. If your allergy symptoms are keeping you up at night, a Himalayan salt lamp is a great natural air purifier to create a cleaner home environment. 

Himalayan salt lamps are a soothing night light

Due to their soft, amber glow, Himalayan salt lamps are the perfect soothing night light – especially for children. 

Blue tinted lights (such as the light emitted from our mobile phones or tv screens) can negatively impact our sleep cycles by disrupting the production of melatonin – our natural sleep hormone. But red or orange tinted lights (such as the light emitted from a Himalayan salt lamp) have the opposite effect, and can actually encourage the production of melatonin to promote better sleep.

Start your journey towards better sleep with these beautiful ancient crystals. We have a huge range of Himalayan salt and  Himalayan salt lamps online in a variety of styles and sizes. Plus, we have Afterpay and ZipPay available so you can buy now and pay later. 

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