Do lava lamps cause cancer?

The lava lamps are a decorative piece at your home, and they are fun to watch while you are studying or trying to focus on your new craft. Well, whatever your fascination is with the lava lamps, you can still have safety concerns about it. So, here are some of the common dangers of the lava lamps that you must know before making this art piece a part of your room.

  • It can catch Fire: So, you must keep the papers or any kind of clutter away from it to be safe.
  • Overheating: Leaving the lamp on for too long can cause trouble. So, you need to watch out for the time. It will stop, or it can be more dangerous with overheating.

Most of the lava lamps are considered dangerous because of the fire hazards because of the material used in them. Additionally, it is not a surprise that poorly made lava lamps can also cause issues regarding fire or end up blasting. The reason is the use of the material in it. If they are poorly designed, they can cause short-circuiting, resulting in a fire.

Lava lamps do not directly cause cancer. However there are ingredients in a lava lamp that has known potential causes of death, such as kerosene, if consumed. But it is not known to cause cancer.

Basically, do not drink the contents of a lava lamp.

What happens if someone swallows the lava light?

Before you consider them dangerous, let’s go through the studies and find out the difference of toxicity and learn if they can cause real danger like death.

What is the material used in lava lamps?

  • Water
  • chlorinated paraffin
  • microcrystalline wax
  • kerosene
  • low molecular weight polyethylene glycol (200 MW)

A classic lava lamp contains a standard incandescent or halogen lamp. This heats a tall glass bottle.

A formula from a patent (1968) consisted of water and a transparent, translucent, or opaque mix of mineral oil, paraffin wax, and carbon tetrachloride.

The ingestion of lava light has been the reason for renal failure. So, ingestion is dangerous to some extent. We would suggest you keep these lamps only for a decorative purpose and do not take any other chances with it.

So, the least you can do is not to drink it. Next, in case it happens to you or anyone near you. Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

What are the precautionary measures for certain types of lava contact?

It is a possibility that you may not attempt to drink the lava light, but you may still be exposed to it. So, if you come across any of the situations, you need to learn about emergency precautions.

  • For eyes

Flush open the stream of water and let it rinse off the eyes for at least 25 minutes. It can save you from any immediate danger. Secondly, you should make a follow up with the doctor. Ask them if it has somehow affected the eyes.

  • For skin

Clear the area, wash it off with the water, and if the symptoms of any kind persist, reach out to the doctor for medical attention.

Can you make lava lamps at home?

It is quite a possibility to make lava lamps at home. However, the experts suggest avoiding it at all. Experts at the fire brigade have been recommending people not to try it at home. They advise this because they deal with the cases of fire burn in the houses. Some people are lucky to get away with less or no injuries, but not everyone is always lucky. Someone can burn or kill themselves in a fire caused by the lava lamp. So, instead of trying it at home, you must try the reputed outlets or sellers offering the lava lamps at reasonable price rates.

If you check some old news and search on google, you will find many people injured because the lava lamp caused a fire at home. Yes, you can find out the recipes for making lava lamps on the internet, and they seem safe. People telling those recipes also claim them to be safe. However, they are not always safe and have shown life hazardous results of it.

So, if you say that making lava lamps is safe, you need to rethink it and find out the reliable companies for it.

Since we are talking about the dangers of the lava lamp and are they worth buying or keeping at homes, we have also found strange research on it.

What is the new study stating the effect of lava lamp treatment?

The year 2020 has begun with a deadly disease. We are told to stay in homes and lockdowns, business shutting down and a lot more is just causing more and more chaos every day.

The same pandemic of COVID-10 has affected the health departments too. Yes, there are people working day and night to find out the solutions. The scientists are doing everything to reach the solution they need. We already know that cancer was making us go worse at many levels. It is because it is still considered the most dreadful disease as it has no specific vaccine.

Killing the cancerous cells in the human body was still in-progress, and now we are dealing with another disease.

Here is a little hope of light in the mess and chaos. The study shows that lava lamps treatment may help them achieve their targets.

As per the recent studies, there is more evidence on lava lamp treatment. Now, what does that mean? Yes, it is possible.

According to the research: drug compounds become intense in certain spots within cells – like blobs in a lava lamp – shaking up the drug development. Scientists are still researching this phenomenon, and now they are looking for more targeted cancer treatments, and some are suggesting to explore mechanisms. It is not only about the cancer treatments, but researchers are hunting for Coronavirus treatments too through this phenomenon.

So, do you think that lava lamps are really dangerous? Well, we know the situations when they are dangerous for health or safety.

They are studying the dynamics of small-molecule therapeutics. It shows that the drug might help people in fighting the coronavirus and might explain the failures of other drugs too.

Researchers further state that:

“Biological material has a simple way of establishing order inside cells. Like blobs in a lava lamp or oil shaken in the water, proteins, RNA and other cellular components can self-organize into liquid-like droplets known as condensates, which help to classify the cell’s insides.”

They want to study the way condensates discriminate between small molecules, and they can figure out the better ways of treating the disease.

The question team is finding answers is why drug molecules enter the condensates? If they find the answer to it, they might determine the ways of modifying the molecules and get them to focus on the right spot, hence curing cancer.

However, we still have to watch out for the results drawn from it. Finger crossed, and if scientists or biochemists found something valuable, you may say that lava lamps are only dangerous or give cancer when they are misused.

Now, can we say the lava lamps are dangerous? Not really as the dangers associated with the lava lamps are due to the electrical component needed to light it up.

You might be wondering about the old lava lamps.

Are old lava lamps dangerous?

It is said and believed that the lava or material of lava inside these lava lamps is non-toxic. So, the liquid in it might not be as dangerous as it seems. However, still, safety comes first, and if you have any non-working lava lamps at home, you should discard them as soon as possible.

The simple way is to sell them at the shop. They will put separate all the parts putting electrical components with others and lava into the dumpster.

How make old lava lamps useful?

First of all, do not throw away the lava in the sink as it has waxed and it may get stuck in your pipes causing some other troubles. So, the proper way of disposing of the lava is to take it out in a newspaper and throw it in the trash. The next thing you can do is to clean the bottle and use it as an aquarium or whatever you like to do with it.

You can simply use the old lava lamps as a decorative material but in a different way. You can refer further to the DIY channels or blogs on the internet.

Some more sensible precautions before or after buying

You might have concluded by now that lava lamps old or new are not dangerous unless you are less careful with them.

So, here is the list of precautions one must take to be safe:

  • Buy the lamps only from a reputable store or manufacturer and ask about the materials they are using to design it.
  • Register with the manufacturers to keep them in a loop if you encounter any danger with it.
  • Check out the plug and make sure it is made and designed of high quality.
  • Plug the lamp before you clean it.
  • And if you want to take off the parts, you must turn it off and let it cool down before opening it.
  • Only use the attachments recommended or suggested by the manufacturers
  • Keep the cord and lamp away from the moisture.

Hopefully, you have your answers by now. The lava lamps are not dangerous if designed carefully and used only for decorative purposes. Also, we know that scientists are hoping to find out lava lamp effect treatment or cancer. So, it has been a little useful for the researchers. However, behavior and studies are yet to be discussed and discovered.

But we are hopeful for it, and as far as the safety is concerned, it is in the hands of manufacturers and you. Yes, the buyer and the seller both are responsible for taking all the precautionary measures.

Yes, companies say that lava inside the lamp is not toxic, but it is still dangerous if came into contact with any part of the body. On the other hand, we know that electrical component can be a source of danger too.

Bottom Line

It might not be cancerous as per the experts, but it is still needed to be handled with extra care for your safety.

Thinking of buying it? Contact the trustworthy manufactures of a lava lamp and enhance the beauty of your place.

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