Choosing a Bankers Lamp

Traditional style bankers lamp with the convenience of a touch switch, turn on and off without having to fiddle around at the socket. This traditional bankers lamp features a barley twist finished in antique brass with a hand blown glass shade. 

11) Bieye L30308 Dragonfly Tiffany Bankers Lamp

This lamp sold by Bieye is an ideal choice for a banker. From a substantial base to a stained glass finishing, this lamp is entirely irresistible. The stained glass finishing of the lamp provides users with a completely different texture of the glass when the lamp is being used. The dragonfly style within the glass is handcrafted, which makes it a perfect choice for decor. This lamp does not come with an LED light, and it is not dimmable; therefore, it is an excellent choice for a banker whose job requires precision and focus. The theme of the glass is just like two dragonflies are approaching a light source. Just anterior to the glass where the light source is represented, the bulb is placed. The angle of the light can be adjusted accordingly. The classical pull switch is installed within the lamp, which gives off an excellent finishing to the lamp. 

10) MZStech Banker’s Lamp

The MZStech lamp is one of the recommended lamps for a banker. This lamp is not only equipped with a green shade but also has a unique antique finishing. The shade is made of fine glass, whereas the lamp’s base is made with Sturdy brass. The heavy base avoids wobbling of the lamp and keeps it steady.

The lamp is equipped with the classical pull switch, which makes the lamp highly attractive and stylish, making it an appropriate choice for any workspace. It is recommended for bankers for its conventional green shade and exquisite design. It is also available on three different bases; the metallic base, the classic brass base, and the birch base. For the metallic base, the shade for the lamp is available in white color.

This lamp is recommended for bankers as it provides light with a great angle, which can improve their precision and focus during work hours. Additionally, the shade prevents the glare of the light and distributes it evenly; hence eye stress is highly reduced. 

9) Eglo 90967 Banker Desk Lamp

If you are looking for a high-quality lamp in a compact budget, then Eglo 90967 Banker Desk Lamp is an excellent choice. This lamp not only comes with a fantastic traditional finish but also comes at an affordable price. This lamp is highly recommended for desks, particularly in offices. The brilliant brass finishing makes this lamp look fancy, and a green shade provides the lamp a stunning look. The pull switch also adds up to the irresistible look of this lamp. The angle of the light can be adjusted according to the user.

Moreover, a low energy LED bulb is recommended for this lamp as it provides dim light that reduces eye strain and increases the efficiency of the banker. The green satin glass shade makes this lamp prone to breakage; hence it has to be handled with care. The recommended positioning of this lamp is at the corners of the desk. The shade throws a warm green color towards the surroundings and brilliant white light below. 

8) Oaks Lighting Banker Desk Lamp

Another excellent choice for a desk lamp is Bankers Desk Lamp by Oaks Lighting. This lamp comes with highly polished brass finishing. This lamp is also equipped with a green shade with a heavy base giving it a traditional style for a lamp. This lamp is highly recommended for offices where the workload is more. This lamp provides a brilliant white light downwards, whereas warm green light to the surroundings. 

The light temperature and brightness are highly reduced as it passes through the green glass, which highly reduces glare and prevents eye strain. This traditional bank lamp is equipped with a standard plug and use and does not come with any pull switch. The base of the lamp is heavy hence makes it stable and best for office use. The suggested position of the lamp is at the center of the table just beside the workspace. The shade’s diameter is reasonably high; therefore, the spread of light over the workspace is significant. 

7) Ulable Green Glass Banker Desk Lamp

If you’re looking for a lamp that is incredibly affordable and required for reading and signing cheques purposes, then Ulable Green Glass Banker Desk Lamp is the one you must have on your workspace. This desk lamp is equipped with all the features and a beautiful finishing at an incredible price. The lamp is not available with a lovely green glass shade but also equipped with a bronze-colored heavy brass base. This base is heavier enough to keep the lamp stable and prevents even the slightest of tilt. The simplicity of this lamp makes the workspace attractive for the users.

Moreover, the light angles can be tilted accordingly; hence the direction of the light can be controlled. The green shade not only gives it a surprising look but also reduces the glare of the light and makes it pleasing for the users. The suggested positioning of this lamp on any desk table is at the center. This lamp is equipped with a classy pull switch, which further adds to the style of this lamp. 

6) QAZQA Table Lamp

This table lamp is also amongst the recommended lamps for bankers. This particular lamp is not only equipped with an antique design but also comes with an incredibly affordable price. This table lamp is suitable for office use as it provides excellent light needed for writing and reading purposes. This product comes with a heavy steel base that offers much-needed stability for it. The rounded base prevents the slightest tilt of light. The green glass shade gives light warmth and makes it pleasing to the eyes of the readers and writers. The light source can be moved according to the choice of the users. The Halogen and LED bulbs are recommended for this particular table lamp. It illuminates the workspace, which makes it an excellent choice for a table lamp.

Additionally, the antique design makes the workspace look even fancier. Moreover, the ability to dim the light can also be purchased separately for this desk lamp. The dimmer is recommended for those who wish to work for long hours in succession. 


5) Oaks Lighting Antique Bankers Table Lamp

If you’re looking for a taller table lamp with a unique design, this is the perfect choice for you, this table lamp sold by Oaks Lighting is 45 cm tall with an ancient style. This lamp is ideal for office use and looks best when placed at the corners of the table. This lamp provides enough light to illuminate an entire workspace. 

The elegant design makes it a perfect choice for furniture as well. The dull green shade decreases the intensity of the light to a great extent, and thus eye strain caused by the bright light is almost negligible. This table lamp is an excellent choice if you’re fond of reading as it is equipped with a downlight angle. 

The rounded base of the lamp has a beautiful brass finishing and has a little weight, which prevents the lamp from wobbling and keeps it steady. The lamp is equipped with individual switching; hence a simple tap will turn it ON or OFF. 

4) Barley Twist Antique Brass Bankers Lamp

If you’re looking for a lamp with an unique design, this one is a remarkable choice for you. The barley twist antique brass lamp is an ideal choice for a desk lamp. It is sold by Flettern and has an antique design. It is well equipped with a white glass shade and a golden brass finishing. This table lamp is of significant height, making it the best choice for those who are fond of reading and writing. This lamp can be used during the late hours at night as it provides bright illumination. The white shade is handcrafted, which decreases light intensity for the eyes and directs the brightness downwards; this helps reduce eye stress and prevents headaches. The elegant antique design has a polished brass finishing, which makes this lamp look irresistible.

Moreover, the broad rounded base provides stability to the lamp and prevents wobbling of the lamp. A pull switch is also installed in the lamp, which will turn it ON or OFF. The beads in the pull switch also have an elegant finish. 

3) Tiffany Bankers Desk Lamp

If you’re looking for a luxurious lamp for your office table, then this lamp is the one you need. This table lamp has an astonishing finish that will surely add elegance and creativity to your individual workspace. This handcrafted lamp’s shade is purely made of church glass. 

The shade comes in three different colors and textures that are yellow, blue, and green. Each shade provides it’s own distinctive light color to its surroundings. The shade glass is thick; therefore, very little light passes through it, which keeps the lamp look fancier and attractive. This elegant table lamp has a fabulous wooden finishing in its base. This lamp is relatively heavier than the other lamps; therefore, the light source is much more stable and reliable. 

This lamp is also equipped with a pull switch, which will turn the lamp ON or OFF. It is packed in styrofoam; therefore, it will be delivered to your doorstep in one piece. An ordinary tungsten bulb or LED bulb can be used in this lamp as a source of light. It is the best choice for desk lamps. 

2) Lighting Supermarket Green Glass Shade Lamp

If you’re looking for a convenient table lamp for official use, this one is the right choice, this green shaded elegant table lamp comes with an antique brass finishing, which makes your workspace fancier than ever before. The correct positioning of this lamp is at the corners of the table. 

The base of this lamp is significantly heavier and can keep the lamp steady and avoid tilt. The light source of this particular lamp can be directed according to the needs of the users. The unique feature of this lamp is that it can be turned on or off with a simple touch. This lamp’s simple touch control systems make it a lot fancy and modern for most of the lamps used today. 

Moreover, the green shade reduces the intensity of the light for the sensitive eyes hence reducing eye strain to a higher degree. The green shade provides a warm filter for the light and makes it pleasing to work for long hours. 

1) W&HH Tiffany Bankers Desk Lamp

If you’re looking for a high-quality lamp for your office desk, then this tiffany bankers desk lamp is an excellent choice for you. This lamp has both luxury and class and has an elegant design, which makes it an excellent choice for furniture. This particular lamp is equipped with handcrafted glass that is scratch-free. Also, tiny holes are present within the glass to prevent overheating of the glass of the lamp. The handcrafted glass has a unique design and changes colors according to the color and temperature of the bulb used. 

A classic bead pull switch is also installed in this lamp, which makes it a right choice for offices. The heavy bottom base prevents the lamp from wobbling and keeps it steady. The classic handcrafted glass also provides elegant designs as light refracts through them. The height of the lamp is significant; therefore, it looks best when placed on the corners of the table. All types of bulbs can be used in this particular lamp, but usually warm white LED bulbs are recommended. 

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