Best 10 Tripod Floor Lamps under £200

Tripod floor lamp

There should be no compromise on the quality of electric appliances when it comes to your house. One thing that can change the entire look of your house is the lighting in the house. One should always consider impressive lighting in the house. Lamps can provide you with a cosy look as well as add style and comfort to your house.

However, one should always consider the quality before buying. Moreover, you should think about what kind of bulb it requires because some of them only support the halogen bulb. You can consider up-lighters if you are trying to brighten up your room while reading lamps are only required for a specific purpose and mostly focused on the particular portion. Lamps are some of the appliances which can provide you with great quality if you are ready to spend a little more on them.

You should always consider the diameter of the space you want to have your lamp in, including the diameter of the base. It is not necessary to buy a designer lamp, but money spent on lamps will provide you with a better quality lamp. A little pricey lamp has better fittings, which include a fabric cord rather than plastic with high-quality switch and better finish. You can also get a good guarantee of pricey lamps too. Energy bulbs used in lamps are usually expensive than the others, but they are energy efficient as well, but most lamps have halogen bulbs.

Most people are short-sighted due to fatigued eyes caused by poor lighting. It is necessary to use an eye-friendly lamp. In addition, the lamp must give you sufficient light and minimal dazzle. In this way, you can do lasting work, reading or studying without eyes exhaustion.

You might be a little confused about where to look for these lamps, which are the best options, and your money does not go to waste. We have got your back as we are providing you with a list of lamps which are not only energy-efficient and stylish but also worth your money.

All of these floor lamps are under £200 and ones that I have come across myself that I believe are good value for money. Have a look for yourself and feel free to let me know how you get on. 

10) Thor Instruments.Co Thor Vintage Classic Tripod Floor Lamp

If you are a fan of classic vintage lamps, then this one is for you. It is an amazing design to give you home an absolutely amazing look. It will fit anywhere in your home, including your bedroom where you can relax in its warm and cosy light. It even allows you to buy a lampshade of your own choice so you can give a unique spin to this amazing lamp. 

You can buy a shade of your choice which won’t allow glare and direct light into your eyes. The antique brass finish gives this lamp a unique and vintage look making it perfect for a cosy and warm atmosphere. Relax in the warm light of this classic vintage lamp. 

It is adjustable to give you focus according to your requirements. If you want to impress your friends and family, you need to add this to your house so everyone can see about your amazingly unique vintage taste.

We realize that home décor is of utmost importance, and staying in budget is even more important. That is why these lamps are all under the price of £200, so you can decorate your home within your budget. If you want to make your home look a little extra classy, then you should get a tripod floor lamp.


10. Thor Instruments retro vintage classic tripod floor lamp
10. Thor Instruments retro vintage classic tripod floor lamp

9) Modern Distressed Wood and Silver Tripod Floor Lamp

Turning your dream of having a distressed wood lamp into reality which a silver chrome finish. It features an in-line on and off switch, which makes it even easier for users. It is completed with a grey poly cotton cylinder light shade. 

It is a great way to bring a little additional lighting to your room, or you can easily adjust the main light input with its easy to use the switch. It will create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere. 

It comes with minimum self-assembly, and you can assemble it without the help of a professional electrician. Buy it now to change the style in your home with an even trendy design.

9. modern distressed wood and silver tripod floor lamp
9. modern distressed wood and silver tripod floor lamp

8) Thor Instruments.Co Retro Hollywood Searchlight Floor Lamp Tripod

8. Thor Instruments retro tripod floor lamp
8. Thor Instruments retro tripod floor lamp

If you are looking for something which adds a vintage value to your house, then this Thor lamp is for you. It is an amazing and aesthetically pleasing design which gives you home a retro look. 

If you need to impress your friends and family, then you need to order this lamp. It is perfect for your bedroom with warm and soft light and for your living room when you are watching TV and just chilling. 

It is fully adjustable so you can adjust it according to your requirement of study or just relaxing. The standard bulb will also give your home a nice and cosy feel for your warm and cosy nights.

7) Modern Grey Wood Tripod Design Floor Lamp with Storage Shelf

This modern grey wooden tripod is another design that I am keen on. I love the shade of blue, which compliments the silver very well. My only thing, is that I don’t really like the wooden legs finish in general. On some lamps it looks good. But I feel with this color combination, a metal silver finish for the legs would look even better. Anyway, it isn’t always all about looks eh. 

The lamp itself has only got a few reviews on Amazon, but they are all 5 star, which is obviously a good sign. One small feature that I think is quite handy is the little storage shelf that it has. This makes it act as a floor lamp as well as a little table, or even a bedroom bedside table. But I think it looks more suited in the living room, where you can put a couple of framed pictures of your family on the little shelf. 

This lamp also comes with a LED bulb. As you probably know, LED bulbs are the way forward, as they consume less energy, making your electricity bills cheaper, but also LED bulbs tend to be brighter than regular bulbs. 

7. Modern Grey Wood Tripod Floor Lamp
7. Modern Grey Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

6) Ambiore Tripod Floor Lamp with Bulb

6. Ambiore Tripod Floor Lamp
6. Ambiore Tripod Floor Lamp

Although this is number 6, it is one of my favourites. Because of it’s elegant simplicity and nice finish to the detail. I would describe the price as reasonable and good value for money. 

The Ambiore Miller range is known to be of good quality when it comes to their floor lamps. With the modern mid-century contemporary architecture, this is definitely one that you would want to show off by placing it in your living room or hallway, as opposed to hiding it away in the bedroom.  

The shade measures at a good 16.92 inches in diameter, which rests elegantly a few inches above the brass touch section. (I love that brass finish by the way, gives it that extra special touch). The 9-inch tall shade. Big drum shade for a generous yet soft lighting. Like I mentioned already, it would be a beautiful piece that will not be unnoticed in your living-room instead of the bedroom.

 I am definitely giving this one top marks for look and design. As it can fit in any color living room and hallway and maintain it’s elegant presence in the room. 

5) Vintage Industrial Tripod Floor Lamp

5. Vintage Industrial Tripod Floor Lamp
5. Vintage Industrial Tripod Floor Lamp

This is one of the best pieces you will see on our list. It is made up of high-quality natural wood and metal tripod, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable. 

It has a sturdy design that makes it safe and avoids tilting so your children and pets can be safe around the lamp. It has a unique design that offers adjustable height, and you can adjust it in any direction, and you can also adjust the height of the legs you want. It comes with a standard E27 bulb, and it is a mix of the modern and traditional style which make it one of a kind. You can bring this piece to make your home look better and to impress your friends and family. 

Not only it will beautify your home, but it will also create a comfortable ambience which will also complement your interior design and scheme of your house. It has a soft shade which gives a sweet glow and a calming effect with a hint of a warm amber glow. It comes with easy installation, and you can do it without the need of any specific tools, you just have screw in all the parts of the lamp pole together with the help of the instruction manual. 

It has more than one uses and you can place it anywhere in your house including bedroom, study room, office or even your living room. It would look perfect anywhere in your house due to its amazingly unique design. In order to give you the best shopping experience, this lamp also comes with a guaranteed warranty; you can contact the customer service even after your purchase. 

4) Tomons Dimmable Tripod Floor Lamp

4. Tomons Dimmable Tripod Floor Lamp
4. Tomons Dimmable Tripod Floor Lamp

Tommon’s floor lamp is probably the best for its adjustability. You can adjust the brightness freely on this lamp according to your preferences and habits. It is a classic Scandinavian style that gives the best décor for your house. 

The stable tripod structure of this lamp makes it stand steady without you having to worry about tilting. It is safe to use with a minimum tool-free installation required, and this uses a detachable tripod lamp base and support. The superior original wood material is used in its making, which has natural grains and texture, which gives it an exquisite look as well as excellent usage experience. 

The lamp holder is designed as a simple and stable tripod that eases the storage and installation procedure. A linen lampshade is used, which radiates with soft and warm light giving you a cosy feel and sweet ambience to your home so you can have a comfortable reading experience. 

The light radiates through the lamp is aesthetically pleasing, making your home a beautiful and cosy place. The design is simple and elegant, giving your classy home a beautifully comfortable look.

3) Mid Century Modern LED Tripod Floor Lamp

3. LED tripod fllor Lamp - black and gold
3. LED tripod fllor Lamp - black and gold

I like this one for a couple of reasons. 1) The black and gold look. 2) The fact that is has metal legs, which gives the place that extra modern feel. 

Here is another pick for people who have artistic taste mixed up with a little modernism. We provide you with this exquisite floor lamp with a mid-century style. It has a flaxen TC cloth lampshade giving a sleek and modern look and makes sure that sufficient light quantity passes to you. 

It is CE VDE listed appliance which makes sure to provide you with the best quality and ensuring safe operations. It also comes with floor switch making it easier to operate. It has sturdy metal legs and a clean black linen drum shade, providing a soft ambient glow and a more focused pool of light for your reading requirements. You can adjust this one according to your requirements. 

It can be freely adjusted so you can set it at your favourite spot. You can use it anywhere in your house, including your living room or bedroom or even in your study room. 

It will also work as a sensual light source for you to have a romantic dinner in your dining room. It is rather easier to install with part of the cord hidden in the middle straight iron so you can avoid the extension wires giving an ugly look to your room. It also comes with a guaranteed warranty to give you the best shopping experience. 

2) Tripod Floor Lamp with White Shade

2. Tripod floor with white shade
2. Tripod floor with white shade

If you are a fan of art, then this tripod floor lamp with white shade is for you. It is not just a piece of art that is only to look at but does not serve a purpose. This beautifully made piece is a piece of art that also serves the purpose of illuminating your home. It is a modern spin on the artistic designs of the 60s and 70s with clean lines and a stylish tripod base. 

Now, even though I have been ranting off about how I like metal legs, this one actually has wooden legs but they have a nice sleek look to them which still gives it that modern contemporary look. 

It is given a natural wood effect on the iron lampstand with white fabric shade, which gives this lamp a little rustic quality, which is a creative and beautiful way to balance modernism and functionality. The floor switch is also important for easier functionality. 

It would be a perfect piece for your home, where you want to blend a little bit of style with minimalism. The Romanza lamp collection provides your home decor with a unique look adding to your style. We know how important your home could be for you, and that’s why we never compromise, neither on comfort nor on style. 

The Romanza collection is unique, and if you keep thinking that everything has lost its taste and now everything is a copy of another’s, then you should take a look at Romanza collection. This Versanora lamp mixes up mid-century style with a simplistic modern style. You could fit this one in your bedroom, living room or wherever you want.

1) Versanora Cara Tripod Floor Lamp

1. Versanora VN L00001 Tripod Floor Lamp
1. Versanora VN L00001 Tripod Floor Lamp

Now, this one is definitely my favourite. Maybe it’s because I have a thing for gold. The Cara Tripod 3 Leg floor lamp is what your home needs. As the years go by, our home space is continuously shrinking, making it harder for different appliances and furniture pieces to fit it. We are in desperate need of pieces of furniture that don’t take much space and are sleek in design so they could be stylish as well as pleasing to the eyes. 

This open tripod base lamp is the best pick you could have because it does not bulky or ‘too much’ in a relatively congested space. The shining gold shade is what should be the highlight of this beautiful piece. This Cara Tripod Floor Lamp is what you need to make your elegant home look even impressive. The floor switch makes operations even easier for you. 

It is made of postmodern designs of the year 60s and 70s. Its base is made of beautifully crafted brushed black metal so the support could be stable, and design remains minimalistic. 

The lighting fixture is made to fit your elegant taste, and the base is completed with a beautiful piece of metallic gold shade. If you are a fan of modernism joined with minimalism, this piece is for you.


Well that’s my top tripod floor lamp list that I came across online when searching. Of course there are loads more, so feel free to browse yourself. I hope this information has been valuable to you to help you now with an informed decision. Check customer reviews out on the respective Amazon links for the products. Feel free to comment or contact us to let us know what you think or what you have purchased. Or even if you find some better ones online, please please please share!!! 🙂

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