Are table lamps out of style?

Table lamps out of style?

The other word used for lighting is illumination. It is the use of light for some artistic and practical effects. It includes the use of both natural and artificial sources of light. The artificial source of light includes light sources like light fixtures and lamps, while the natural source is daylight.

The important source of light during the day is the daylight and is introduced in the buildings through windows or light shelves. One major source of artificial lighting is the indoor lighting which is achieved by using light fixtures.


Light fixtures are one of the main key components of interior design. Natural lighting saves energy compared to artificial lighting, which consumes a lot of energy. Proper illumination can not only enhance the beauty of that area and improves the working ability, but it also produces a positive psychological impact on the residents.

Most of the lighting is provided by artificial lighting, which includes lamps and light fixtures. So are the lamps out of style? The reply to this query is negative. It strictly depends upon your choice. A lamp increases the aesthetic appeal of your house only if it compliments with your house furniture and interior.

The height of the ceiling and the dimensions of the room is important too. This helps you to decide what should be the height of the lamp and, depending upon the dimensions of the room, how big it should be for enough illumination of the room.

If your room is dark and enough light is required, then choose the lamp with a translucent shade on the other hand if you just want to illuminate the ceiling, then the lamp with an opaque shade would be a good choice. Hence we can say that the lamps have never become obsolete; it is just the choice that changes from time to time. The lamps are and will be in trend forever.


Types of lamps

If you urge to buy a new lamp, then the first thing to consider is your needs and the interior of your house. Nowadays, a wide variety of lamps is available in the market, and it is difficult to choose the best one out of them. Before buying, you should know the benefits and drawbacks of each type of lamp. Underneath, we will give you detailed information about different lamp types so that it becomes easy to choose the one from.

Buffet lamps

They are also known as candlestick or console lamps. They can also be regarded as the taller version of table lamps. These light fixtures are tall in height, usually ranging from 32 to 36 inches. This height is measured from the base to the top of the lamp. These lamps give the appearance of the candlestick or a sleek column with a narrow base and a smaller shade.

The short version of a buffet lamp is also available with a height ranging from 24 to 30 inches in height.due to the candlestick shape of these short buffet lamps; they are also called candlestick lamps. The candlestick lamps that are 14, 18, or smaller than this height are regarded as the accent lamps. A 60-watt bulb is enough for a short-styled candlestick lamp while a 75-watt bulb is enough for a buffet lamp.

The dimension of the shade of the lamp is about 12 inches or less than that. The lampshades can either be transparent or dark-toned shades. The transparent shades like cream, white and beige emit light from all the sides and will illuminate your room. The dark-toned shades like navy blue, black, burgundy, dark green, and other metallic shades will only emit from the top and bottom and illuminate the ceiling and the floor, respectively. The tall height of the lamp is used to illuminate the buffet table as it directly reflects the light on the foodstuff served on the table, but they are also used to illuminate the entire house.

The pros of the buffet table are that due to its tall and thin shape and design, it occupies very little space, and its shade is also at a height away from yours and the reach of the food containers. This would not disturb you while eating. These lamps can also be used to light up the workplace at the office as they do not cover much space and can easily be installed in an overcrowded office.

The cons of the buffet lamp are that it does not lighten up the whole space; rather, it only illuminates a small spot of the room where its light projects. So while it would be perfect for lightening up the buffet table or your office table, it is not a good choice to lighten up your entire living area of the house.

Arc lamps

Arc lamps have a single base with a long arc-shaped curved arm. Its shade extends towards the exterior of the body. They are the best option for the corners of the room where light can be arched over the sofa and the table.

Their advantage is that due to the arc shape of the lamp, they occupy very little space. While remaining the showpiece of the corner, it provides lighting for the functional tasks. Arc lamps are available in different contemporary and traditional designs.

Although this lamp has a unique and decorative style, it still poses some drawbacks. One of the main drawbacks is its sleek and slender shape, due to which it can be tipped over quite easily as compared to the other lamps. Because of its thin shape, it is not sturdy enough, so it is highly recommended to place this lamp piece in the corner of the room where it is less likely to fall down.

Tripod lamps

These lamps are renowned for their three-legged base. Their polished and impressive appeal gives them a stylish and new look. While providing adequate illumination, its different shape gives an architectural effect to the room.

This lamp is a good option for a bedroom or a living room when some extra illumination is required. The main benefit of a tripod lamp is that its base provides sturdy support with stable lighting in the entire room.

The major drawback of a tripod lamp is that it has three legs, and its large base occupies much space in the room. So it is a challenge to place a tripod lamp in a clustered space or a small apartment.

Swing arm lamps

Swingarm lamps come in different shapes and sizes. They can be easily adjusted for a floor, desk, or table. The main difference is that the swing arms have a functional and an adjustable arm.

This arm is movable and can be configured around to meet different needs. If illumination is required at a particular spot, then the arm can be maneuvered at the closest most point to light up the exact spot.

The advantage of this type of lamp is the versatile style that gives it an adjustable feature. This targets the light to a specific single spot, which could not be achieved by the other styles of lamps. As the light is concentrated in a small area only, this does not illuminate the whole room. This feature works best for a small lamp on a study table. Similarly, a swing arm floor lamp will not illuminate the whole room.

Torchiere Lamps

This style of lamp is the most trendy and classical that you will find. Torchiere lamps possess a high body with a shade facing upwards. This provides ambiance and luminescence to the area.

Torchiere lamps are available in a wide range of designs, but the most famous style is the one with stained glass. This style is called the Tiffany style torchiere lamp. This style of lamp compliments with your elegance. Another option in the torchiere style is the frosted glass style. This design is more contemporary and forms part of the modern decor.

The benefit of the torchiere lamp is its style. Due to the lampshade facing upwards, these lamps provide better illumination as the light gets bounced from the walls and the ceiling of the room. These lamps can solely provide enough illumination in the room. Dimmers can also be added with the lamps to make these lamps more versatile. The lampshades are available with a range of designs; one can select out of them that best suits the interior.


The disadvantage of the torchiere lamp is that due to their thin and sleek appearance, they can be tipped over quite easily. This can be hazardous if the Tiffany style torchiere falls down, broken glass can scatter everywhere. Make sure to place your torchiere lamp at a place that is not accessible to naughty kids and pets.

Piano lamps

As evident from its name, this lamp is used to illuminate the organ keys of the electric keyboard or the piano and the sheet music. It is made in such a way that it prevents the blinding of musicians from the shine of the bulb.

Depending upon the needs of the pianists, this lamp is designed in different shapes and sizes. They generally have a horizontal bulb on the hood, pointing the light in the downward direction. Sometimes the piano lamps may have a swing arm so that the pianist can adjust the light according to his need.

At first, these lamps were originally designed for musicians, but this lamp can also serve the function of a study or a desk lamp. As the light from the lamp is projected downwards, so they work better as a study lamp.

This lamp can be useful if you are reading, performing a specific task, or playing the piano, but if the whole room needs to be illuminated, then this lamp is not a good option.


Boom arm lamps

Boom arm lamps are tall and straight in shape; they are provided with an adjustable swinging arm. In most of the lamps, the bulb is situated in the dome-shaped head. These lamps are similar in construction as the microphone used in the recording studios.

These multiple featured lamps provide a contemporary look to the living area. The main benefit of the boom arm lamp is its versatility. The swinging arm can be rotated easily, and the light gets adjusted both in the vertical and horizontal directions.

The main drawback of the boom arm lamps is that, like other designs of lamps as mentioned above, they are also quite unstable and can get toppled down. If you are interested in purchasing this lamp, then go for the model of the lamp with a heavy, thick, and large base so that the tipping over can be prevented, especially if there are pets and kids around.

Gooseneck Lamps

Gooseneck lamps come in two different designs, one with a flexible neck that can be adjusted in different dimensions, and the other one has a traditional curvy fixed metal neck. They are available both as floor and table lamps with different designs and styles; one can choose from them according to his needs.

The main benefit of this type of lamp is that the curvy and flexible neck allows it to focus light at a particular spot. They can be greatly used as desks and reading laps as they illuminate a single spot. One can get enough light to read a book without waking up other people in the room.

The flexible neck is disadvantageous at the same time as these lamps concentrate light on a single point only so they will not lighten up the entire room. If illumination in the whole room is required, then you have to go for another option.

Tree lamps

These lamps resemble the shape of a tree and hence named so. The bulbs are arranged in an array of branches which scatter the light in different directions. They come with a large range of designs.

Similar to the branches of the tree, this lamp has a central stand with lights that branch off in different directions. This lamp is an ideal choice if directional lighting is required. These branches of the lamp are adjustable and allow light to be pointed in any direction. If you want to twist and turn a single branch only then, you can do so quite easily.

This style of lamp is not available in smaller lamps. The biggest advantage of this lamp is the ability to illuminate the whole space, but the disadvantage is its large size and bulky nature. It is difficult to fit in and lighten up the narrow spaces.

How lamps play an essential part in home decor?

When it comes to decorating the house, illumination plays an important role. Illumination is not only necessary for performing tasks, but it also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the area. A wide range of options is there to choose from when it comes to lighting. A wide range of lamps is available, having both decorative and functional aspects, to choose the ideal out of them is a difficult task.

Every room of your house has a different need for lighting. Lamps with different designs, styles, and sizes are available for kitchen, washroom, living area, and bedroom.

When you start decorating your home deeply, you realize that adding to the minor details can make a big difference, and your room can change drastically. The style, color scheme and the theme of your house have a lot to do with the lighting. Appropriate light can add ambiance to your place and improves your mood as well. In Fact, a minor change in lighting can completely change the looks of the room and convert a gloomy, boring, and dull space into a vibrant and cozy space. A good lighting fixture should not only look beautiful, but at the same time, it should fulfill its purpose of being installed too.

The size of the room, the height of the ceiling, the color of your furniture, the theme of your room are among some of the factors that affect the choice of the lamps. When correctly chosen, a lamp can bring color, symmetry, texture, and of course, lighting to any room. A range of lamps from fancy chandeliers, sturdy floor lamps, and fancy pendant lights is available. This wide variety can also confuse the buyers, but always make sure that whatever choice you make the purpose of a lamp i.e., illumination, should always be fulfilled.


How common are the table lamps?

Table lamps have a vast history of being used in bedrooms, rooms, offices, hotels, and other places. A table lamp is designed such that it is placed at an eye-level or a little above. Ideally, it should be located at a chairside end table or close to your couch. In order to direct more light towards the spot, the shade of the lamp is made more flared at the bottom. This setting is useful when you are sitting close by the lamp as they shed light on your lap.

The main benefit of table lamps is their small size. They are mostly less than 32 inches in height. This small and compact size of the lamp makes it easily portable from one place to the other without occupying much space. Different varieties of table lamps with varying styles, sizes, colors, and shapes are available. This wide variety allows you to choose the one that suits you the best.

The drawback of the table lamp is that it does not illuminate the entire room. If illumination in the whole room is required, then some additional light fixtures would be needed. The table lamps only lighten up the reading space rather than illuminating the entire living area.

UK Table Lamp sales 2008-2018
UK Table Lamp sales 2008-2018

The graph mentioned below shows the statistics for the sales of the table lamps in pounds from the year 2008 to 2018. The peak sale of table lamps is observed in the year 2017. In that year, table lamps worth 24102 British pounds were sold while a decreased sale of mere 10829 British pounds was observed in the year 2011.

LED table lamps

Some lamps have LEDs installed as a source of light, but table lamps with LEDs have not attained much popularity yet. An LED lamp is not a new thing, its construction and design are just the same as that of the regular table lamp, but the only difference is the replacement of a regular bulb with a screw-in LED bulb. The LED bulbs have a design so that they can easily fit into the socket of the old table lamps.

LED saves money and energy. It is more luminous as compared to the ordinary light bulb; this makes reading and doing other tasks super easy. It will be a good option if the old table lamps are refitted with new LED bulbs. Hence you just have to buy a new LED bulb to convert your old table lamp to a new LED table lamp.

Arc lamp

They are named so because they produce light by forming an electric arc. This lamp is the pioneer in producing electric light. It was discovered in 1800 by a scientist named Sir Humphry Davy.

In early 1870 this lamp was used widely in street lights and lighting up the buildings. After that, they were replaced by incandescent lamps.

There are different types of lamps available with respect to their source of light, providing energy.

Incandescent lamp

The incandescent bulb was invented in 1879 by Thomas Edison. It is the ancient and the most common type of bulb.

When electricity passes through the tungsten filament, a glow is produced. The inside of the bulb has a vacuum or is filled with Argon gas. This bulb is a cheap source of high-intensity light. Mostly the lamps have incandescent bulbs in them.

Compact Fluorescent lamp

These bulbs were founded in 1980. Their power consumption is much less, and they are used as an alternative to halogen lamps.

The lifespan of this lamp is almost 10000 hours. They are either in the form of U-shaped tubular loops or twisted in the circular form.

The CFL has argon and mercury vapors filled inside, and the electric current is passed through it.

LED lamp

This is the technology of this era. The LEDs are present almost everywhere, be it a torchlight, car headlights, table lamps, or even chandeliers.

The LED lamp possesses a microchip inside it, which gets illuminated when an electric current is passed through it. They are different from the traditional light forms as they are more efficient, versatile, and long-lasting.

LEDs are different from Incandescent, CFLs, and other types because they are more versatile, efficient, and long-lasting. LED lights throw light in a single direction only as compared to the incandescent light, which throws light in all directions.

Neon lights

These lights have glowy nature due to which they are used for the purpose of advertisement. These lights come with a range in brightness and voltages.

These lamps are composed of a glass capsule with two electrodes inside and are filled with neon gas.

Does a lampshade need to match the room?

Along with the style and design of the lamp, the lampshade is an essential accessory. The lampshade of the appropriate color can complete the look of your entire room. If you purchase an expensive lampshade that looks the best in the store but does not complement your room’s interior, then it is useless for you. So an accurate lampshade should be chosen wisely.

The color of the lampshade should be chosen according to the color of the walls, furniture, the shape and type of the lamp, the purpose and placement of the lamp.


If the interior of the room is wooden, then a cool or a warm tone of the lampshade can be selected. The warm tones include cherry and mahogany while the cool tones are maple and greyish tones etc. the cold wood color should match with cold lampshade color and vice versa.

Metallic interior

The metal in your room may include the mirrors, lamp base, furniture legs, curtain rods, etc.. bronze, brass, copper, and gold have a warm tone while silver has a cooler tone. The lampshades should be matched to the respective tones of the interior.


If the cabinets are white in color and differ from the wooden tone, then dark-colored lampshades are preferable.

Carpeting or walls

If the color of your carpeting and walls is dark, then a neutral or a light color of the lampshade is advised. Contrary to this, if the color of the carpet and wall is subtle and soft, then dark-colored lampshades can be chosen.

There is no specific law to choose the color of the lampshade; this depends on the choice of the customer and the interior of the room.

The price range of lamps

Similar to the variation in designs and styles of the lamps, their price range can also vary. The price of most of the table lamps ranges from £12 to £20 . Different styles of floor lamps have different prices ranging from £16 to £100.

Hence it is concluded that the significance of illumination can not be denied. Lamps not only serve the purpose of lighting but add an aesthetic appeal to the area as well.


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