About the Author

About me

My name is Marlon, and I have worked as an educator for 11 years and as a graphic and web designer for around 15 years. I love everything about the internet and what information is has to offer.

I decided to share my new found love for interior decor when it came to decorating my own place. I like functional decor, so I wanted something with a purpose. So I thought… lighting!

I run this blog site in my spare time, along side my other line of work, which is creating digital content and giving private lessons. 

I have always wanted to work for myself and on my own terms, with my own timetable and now I am finally on the path to doing this. 

Weird facts about me:

  • Weird obsession with pretty lights
  • Love the internet and new concepts like bitcoin
  • Work the idea of working on my terms
  • I wish was fluent in Spanish
  • Want to own a hotel one day

Not-so-weird facts about me:

  • Lived in London, UK all my life. 
  • I love music, film, media and football.
  • I have a beautiful daughter who helps me with half of these things. And am teaching her everything I know!
  • Terrible at answering my phone but will email back within 5 minutes.
  • I love networking and collaborating with others.